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The Eichsfeld

Congratulations! You‘ve happened across a little gem right here in the middle of Germany: Welcome to the Eichsfeld! Start your journey of discovery and get to know its castles, monasteries and picturesque villages. You can follow the winding roads through the dreamy landscapes and enjoy nature. Or maybe you want to visit the manifold sights, stop in the little towns and have a taste of the local specialities. And as if that wasn’t enough: The Eichsfeld is surrounded by loads of further dream destinations for bikers, e.g. the Harz, the Thüringer Wald, the Weserbergland, the Werratal and many more. Our aim is to permit those of you who don’t own a motorbike to experience the beauty and fun of tours through the middle of Germany. Whether you plan on going on your own or want to share the adventure with your friends. Whether it’s only for a day, a weekend or a whole week – we’ve got the bike or bikes for you! On our webpage you can find routes and maps as well as information for your SatNav, suggestions for accommodation etc. For current news and information please check our Facebook and Google+ sites. We will be happy to answer any questions or help with any problems.
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Routes to ride and sights to see
Why don’t you

  • follow the German Half-Timbered Houses Route from the Harz to the Thüringer Wald
  • follow the German Half-Timbered Houses Route from the Weserbergland to the Vogelsberg
  • ride along the German Fairy-Tale Route on the trail of the Brothers Grimm
  • ride along the Thuringian Castle Road, featuring the Wartburg, the Kyffhäuser Reichsburg and many more
  • visit the Klausenhof, an old inn at the foot of the Castle Hanstein
  • take a walk on the Treetop Trail in the National Park Hainich, the „jungle in the middle of Germany”?!